Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I got a pair of the open toe house slippers for Christmas a couple years ago and I must say, these are the cutest and most comfortable slippers I have ever owned. I tend to go barefoot a lot and my heels are starting to show the effects of that, so my mom got me a pair of these to stop me from going outside without shoes. The rubber sole is perfect for indoor and outdoor use and I’ve actually stopped going barefoot, even in the house! The thongs are durable and stand up nicely to washing. After over 2 years of daily wear and repeated washings, these slippers still look like new.

It was a struggle to wear regular shoes in public because I loved how cute and comfortable they are. I have bought more Dearfoam slippers as gifts for other family members and I like the style choices available. Other women don’t like things between their toes, so I got them the open toe slippers and they love them! Such an easy gift for the ladies in my life who are usually hard to buy for. Who wouldn’t love a pair of pillowy softness for their tired feet? I haven’t met anyone like that yet. Great job Dearfoam! I am a customer for life.



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