Friday, April 12, 2013

I cooked today.. haha.. and after quite a while too. I reckon since I got these ginormous prawns from Sarawak, I might as well make sure they cook well and what better way than to do it myself right? Well the cooking part of course is another story to be told in my food blog.

For this entry I want to talk about my range. Well actually not mine by Azwaj rather. He got it even before he married me and it is still working!… Really long life.. lol.. I so long to have one of those really fancy ranges you know.. the kind that I see on the discount appliances store but since the existing one is still working (thank goodness too), I don’t think it is wise to get a new one. After all, the savings from buying a new range can go towards my laptop funds perhaps.. hahah



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