Sunday, April 14, 2013

There is an ad in Singapore about the variety of shows that one television channel has to offer, much like the variety of fashion wear that a woman can have. The ad basically shows two panes, the left pane showing a man’s feet and the right one showing a woman’s feet. It then shows the days of week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.. and each day the man was wearing the same style shoe with pants while the woman was seen sporting an open toe shoe with pencil skirt on Monday, platform shoes with pants on Tuesday, maxi dress with wedges on Wednesday etc etc..

How awesome is it to be a woman right? We have so many styles to choose from that we can be fashionable and stylish each day of the year when a man can basically wear the same style, same color and even the same outfit each day and no one would be the wiser.. lol!


Anyway, see the image I posted above of the Side Split Stripe Print Maxi , well you can get this look at Millers for only $10. Yeap it was going for $48.95 but now it’s only $10. There are lots of sale going on at the site so be sure to check them out ok. Too bad they don’t deliver internationally or else for sure my shopping bag will be full.. lol!



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