Friday, August 9, 2013

Are you looking for dates but you simply cannot find the confidence to present yourself with your best foot forward? Well, most likely your problem is not your foot – it is your face! No, we’re not insulting you; we’re just letting you know something that you probably already know: If you do not have a face that is clear of acne, dirt, oil and the unfortunate markings that come from those conditions, you may have a more difficult time than most in getting into those exclusive social circles!

Fear not – there are many ways that you can help your situation. You must begin by taking care of your face with more vigor than ever before. Having acne does not mean that you have a bad face; it simply means that you have a more delicate one. You will need to change some of your habits to give your face its best chance to shine.

For one, you will have to wash your face more often than other people. Whenever you sweat or exercise, you should carry around a wet antibacterial cloth to wipe your face. This will help get rid of the oil and dirt that tend to clump up on the face in times of activity and stress.

Once you have washed your face, you will need to replace the moisture that you have taken off of it. Jenu has many products, like the JeNu Anti-Aging Active Youth System, that will be able to help you replace the nutrients and vitamins that need to remain in your face for it to be healthy!

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