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Monday, December 25, 2017

I’ve always enjoyed putting on makeup. However my way is the very basic way, foundation, the very minimal eyeshadow, eyeliner (never leave home without it), blusher and lipstick.

However, I’ve been watching some awesome videos on fb on some of the techniques that make up artist used and I find it so fascinating. I mean a plain jane can, in a span of an hour or so, turned to a glamorous diva.

So I’ve been experimenting as well.. not in the excessive dramatic way but in the basic application of make up .. like using primer first before anything else, applying foundation using the beauty blender or brush (have not determine which one I like better), using concealer and using a technique the MUA used called “baking”.

Conclusion? I must say this… My make up last much longer than it normally would and I still look fresh even after being out in the sun all day. So.. thumbs up for the tips.

Here’s some more tips that I would I’d share here.. The different makeup brushes.. err.. I’m still figuring them out. lol!

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I don’t normally used foundation as sometimes I feel like my face becomes more oily than it usually is. I also don’t like that my nose becomes extra oily making me feel like I need to touch up all the time. Having said that I do love the way my face looks polished with foundation though.. lol..

I’ve recently heard about all the buzz around BB cream and decided to give it a try one day. I chose a reputable brand and all I can say is that I am loving the way it feels on my skin. It gives me the polished look minus the greasy feeling and the 50SPF coverage that is given by the BB Cream of my choice, makes it the best cream for me right now. . I found my face is less oily although I have been out the whole day and I don’t feel like I need to touch up all the time.

concealerAnyway, although the BB cream that I am using makes my pores smaller and makes the face looks more polished, I must admit that I think I need to look for a good concealer (I heard napoleon perdis is good) as there are some blemishes that needs extra coverage. Ahh.. the price of vanity… lol!



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Monday, March 11, 2013

I don’t use a lot of makeup. The only makeup I use daily are eyeliner and lipstick. However when I do go out for special occasion or when I need that extra boost of confidence, I do tend to go all out. From foundation to blusher, from eye-shadow to even lip liner. Yeap, like I say, I go all out to look polished and “gorgeous”

Anyway, I recently found out about airbrushing makeup and I must say I am extremely curious to find out how it works. The website gave full instruction on how to use the gadget to apply foundation and blusher (me being a gadget girl, simply loves that) and pro tips on how to achieve the look you want. There is a Signature Started Kit as shown below and you can choose three items, namely foundation, highlighter and blusher for USD199.  My interest is peaked.

airbrush makeup

Anyway, I really would love to see a live demo and so I looked around for a video. I found this one and I was like.. WOW!! It’s literally airbrushing your makeup onto your face. I am really impressed though I reckon I would need a lot of practice so as not to look like a clown right? hahahha



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