Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A furniture store in Gulfport, MS, is part of what some people call a quiet giant in the world of business. You don’t see advertisements and headlines regarding furniture everyday like you do some other things, but you use furniture on a daily basis. Whether it is a table, a chair, a bed, or a couch, each one is found in a home and each one is used pretty heavily every day. Even brand names for furniture aren’t the most important element about it; most people want a piece of furniture for its form and function. Importing furniture from China has become a big deal, and provides many benefits to the consumers and businessmen equally. If you are in the furniture business, it might do you some good to research a little bit about importing furniture from China.

 Wide Variety

Many manufacturers were able to become successful in China when the furniture industry as a whole became popular. When there are several companies all selling the same product, the competition is very strong and the consumers greatly benefit; when it comes to furniture each piece will offer style, quality, and build that is different from the rest even though they all cost the same. There is not just one style produced because the manufactures are producing new furniture every day. If you are looking for quality furniture that is very unique, then China is a good place for you to look.


There aren’t any other countries that can compete with the low cost furniture that originates from China. This is especially true if you order in large quantities. In addition, the export tariffs in China decreases every now and then, which is a great benefit to the businessmen. The cheap labor, wide consumer market, support of foreign businesses, and low cost of export tariffs all make it the most cost-efficient country to work with. China is full of very rich resources and all of the materials needed to make beautiful furniture. As the owner of a furniture store in Gulfport, MS, you would greatly benefit from the cost-efficiency of importing furniture from China.

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The world can seem so troublesome, full of pain, suffering, and stressful situations. Everyone seems to be on a steady diet of discomfort. Well, at least everyone who is going somewhere with their lives. People who never go outside their comfort zone have trouble finding their way to new places. Practicing the art of comfort on vacations or at places like a G2O salon in Boston is a natural and important part of life. However, too much of a good thing can lead people to stagnancy. Most people avoid discomfort like the plague. They will do anything in their power to avoid leaving their comfort zone. Maybe the human brain interprets all discomfort as potential harm or death to the body.

Personal Growth Is a Choice

This aversion to discomfort can stop someone from reaching their goals. To go somewhere you’ve never been before, you’re going to have to do something different. Changing things almost always brings about discomfort. But it also brings growth. Even children receive physical growing pains as their body grows and changes. Why is it so difficult to accept and conquer the discomfort that comes with achieving new goals and finding success? Physical growth isn’t optional. It happens no matter how hard a child may dislike the process. Personal growth is a choice.

Hammer Away at Your Weakness

If you have goals that need reaching, make a choice. Choose to embrace your discomfort. Get used to it and relish in the fact that you are going somewhere with your personal goals. A good strategy is to mix in healthy amounts of comfort and discomfort in your life. Spend your whole week working diligently toward your goals. Try new things and embrace the discomfort that will cause. Take the blacksmith’s hammer of discomfort and pound away at your weaknesses until they become malleable. Then forge your weaknesses into strengths with the heat of experience and hammer blows of determination. Once you’ve spent the whole weak hammering away at your weaknesses, you should be pretty exhausted. Recover and prepare for the next week by getting comfortable however you like. Read a book in a hot bath or visit a G2O salon in Boston. You deserve it!

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


If you are student or a teacher, then do I have good news for you. Here’s your chance to get protools 11 student at musician’s friend and get it at a considerable discount for eligible students at a qualified academic institution. You do need to prove your eligibility though before you are granted the discount.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We recently bought a daybed and as such bought a few sets of fitted sheets to go along with it. Yesterday one of the kitties puke on the bed (yikes) and of course it got to be washed. After washing and drying, naturally it got to be folded to be stored right. Well it was a messy task.. lol.. and ended up one big blob. So I found this video by Martha Stewart on how to fold a fitted sheet and gonna try it out in a while. Wish me luck!

how to fold a fitted sheet

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